Elevated Modular Pool, customizable and ready in a few hours

Our swimming pools are made by modular forms, are easy and quick to install.
Practicality, functionality, elegance of finishes and attention to detail: you can customize the cladding panels and flooring with many materials. We provide evaluation of wood, ceramics, resins, mosaics, porcelain stoneware and many variety of colors.

You can customize the pool with our WallPanels, choosing from 20 million images
Contact us for a quote or for more information, we will help you to have the pool of your dreams.

See some examples

-modular structure
-ease of Assembly
-zero bureaucracy, no request for permission
-adaptable to any space
-customizable coatings
-lots of space-closet
-all made in italy

Add-on modules. 1.25 x 1.00 mt. (with handrail), to customize the solarium space around your standard pool

-filter system-complete with circulation system: skimmers, rods, connecting pipe valves and fittings
-light for illumination
-steel steps for pool
-steps for solarium

Stationary and Mobile Water Nebulizer

Water removable atomizer to lower the temperature, create scenes and special effects to impress your guests. Pressurize the water to 70 bar and distribute in the environment billions micro-fine droplets, which evaporate quickly and improve the climatic conditions in a natural way. Can be placed easily and have low operating costs, with low water and electricity consumption. Flexible hoses and nozzles rotating allow rapid and cheap installation.

See some examples

Automatic System Antimosquito Nebulizer

Full range of accessories to realize mosquito repellent by any tipe and size nebulizer system, in any outdoor environment. Each delivery (usually one in the morning and once in the evening), the product is mixed with water and sprayed with special nozzles as light mist and localized. We only use harmless anti-mosquitos to adults and children, but also for pets or useful insects such as bees and butterflies, approved by Italian Ministry of Health. You just have to enjoy your outdoor space with your family, relaxing and safe.


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